Apple Pictures

The Apple symbol has recently become ubiquitous, thanks in large part to Apple Computer and its line of i-Devices. In fact, as of February 29th 2012, Apple’s market value has surpassed the $500 billion mark, and is easily the largest publicly traded company in the world. Exxon Mobil which is in second place, has a market valuation of about $400 billion.

More importantly, the familiar Apple symbol is now everywhere, and recognized by everyone. We bring it with us on our iPhones, and we have it at home or at work on our iPads. Together, iPhone and iPad sales make up for about 70% of Apple’s $28.57 billion, third quarter 2011 revenues.

The Apple Symbol

Nevertheless, even before all this, the Apple symbol has long been used in popular mythologies, stories, and sayings. The Apple is often depicted as the Forbidden Fruit in the Bible. It also plays a role in the Trojan War, King Arthur, Snow White, and many others. The apple both plays the role of good, signifying love, youth, and fertility, as well as evil, signifying sin, lust, and discord.

Given the widespread popularity of ‘The Apple‘, I wanted to honor this fruit, this powerful symbol, with a series of Apple themed pictures.

Apple Pictures

For my apple pictures I wanted to feature the color red.

My Apple Goddess is dressed in red velvet and has long black hair with red tips for highlights. Her lips and nails are ruby red. She wears cord jewelry with rubies, and has a crucifix around her neck.

I also integrated the foreground figure with various apple themed backgrounds, including-

  • Serpents, in representation of Original Sin.
  • Clouds and stairs, in representation of Goddesses and Heaven.
  • Trees, flowers, and fruit, in representation of fertility.
  • Evening moon, in representation of the magical and mystical qualities often attributed to the apple.

Hope you enjoy these apple pictures.

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